How to choose cosmetics for a given type of skin?

Incorrectly selected cosmetics can sometimes do more harm to the skin than good, so the first step to proper face care is to properly recognize the type of our skin and choose preparations that will help us keep it in shape.

There are four basic, most common types: dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and combination skin. Each of them has different characteristics, and also requires a different method of care.

Normal skin is most common in children and is relatively rare in adults. It is characterized by smoothness and hardly visible pores. If the skin of our face is smooth, taut and firm, and we do not complain about any discoloration or imperfections, there is a high probability that we are owners of normal skin.

Although many people find this type of skin relatively easy to care for, it also requires proper care. The key is adequate protection against UV rays and unfavorable weather conditions. You should also be careful not to unnecessarily burden the skin with excessively active cosmetics, which may lead to dry skin. The use of children's cosmetics may prove helpful in everyday care. It is also worth putting on natural, home-made masks and scrubs. What is also important, people with normal skin should not use oily creams.

To recognize whether we have dry skin, the easiest way to observe is how our skin reacts after contact with water. If, after washing or swimming, we notice that the skin is tense and red, it is easily irritated and reacts badly to cold, most likely our skin is dry, which is prone to rapid aging. Importantly, dry skin can also be acquired and may be caused by improper care.

This type of skin requires special treatment - first of all, regular use of moisturizing and oiling creams. It is also important that the creams used have a UV filter. In addition to properly selected cosmetics, it is also crucial to provide the skin with appropriate care "from the inside" in the form of vitamins and the right amount of drinking water. What's more, make-up remover cosmetics for dry skin cannot contain alcohol, which has drying and degreasing properties.

Oily skin, also known as seborrhoeic skin, is rough, thick and often has a gray-yellow color. The excess dead skin causes the pores to block up, which in turn leads to the formation of blackheads. Although it is considered very problematic, oily skin also has its advantages - it reacts relatively well to weather conditions, does not dry out and ages relatively slowly.

An important issue in the case of this type of skin is its thorough cleansing. Not everyone is aware that oily skin requires thorough cleansing not only in the evening, but also in the morning. The excess sebum also accumulates during sleep, creating a luminous layer on the skin. After washing the skin, it is worth treating it with an antibacterial tonic, and at least once a week - with a peeling to exfoliate dead epidermis and an antibacterial mask. For people with oily skin, the cosmetic bag also includes matting papers that will allow you to remove excess sebum during the day. It is also recommended that owners of oily skin use oil-free cosmetics to care for them, take care of regular moisturizing and avoid sunbathing, because UV rays stimulate the sebaceous glands.

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